I was once a man of many lovers. I was the man who stole the first kiss from my school crush and was the first time of my great love as a teenager. I’ve been a needy person, someone selfish and someone complicated. Once I was someone who had no eyes for me and did not even realize I was hers. There was a time when I fell in love with a smile and it made me believe that I would never belong to anyone else. And then I was deceived. And for a long time, I swore that I would never give myself up again, until one day I re-learned to love. Sometimes they challenged me. So many have given up on me. But my smile never ceased. I have lived eternal loves that lasted only one summer. Some people are still mine and I’m them, even with all the distance that separates us. I’ve been to places too, Cities that marked me deeply, So many that I left my mark. The landscapes that I kept in the retina of memory no one will ever take away from me. Today I am a piece of each one of them. I already drowned in tears watching the moon in the sky and I was reborn several times watching the sunrise. Jumping and crawling. I have always been body and soul because I never learned to be superficial.

I am intense by nature. A medicine without a label. A compass that every day points to a new direction. I’ve been with people who did not know how to be mine. I also had in my hands some hearts that I did not know how to take care of. I’ve been earth. I’ve been breeze. I always been like the sea, brave and calm. I always wanted to fly. And I flew. Then I lay in that hug and stayed whilst they took care of me. After being of so many, I learned to be mine. Now I fly with my wings wide open and do not plant my root where I land. Today I am the owner of my truths and my weaknesses. And if one day I go back to being someone else’s, I know that someone is going to be incredible. I am a man who the time has sculpted. And I’m doing just fine. Heart that learns to fly, never survives in cages.

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