Good bye

End of a Relationship. That last melancholic encounter to put an end to what’s left of a story. It was meant to be forever, but it came to an end. She misses the guy he used to be at first. He is tired of her never being satisfied with anything. Each one points out the error of the other and forgets that the end of a relationship is a collective failure. They say goodbye with a cold hug and a kiss on the cheek and promise never to meet again. Now what’s left is each one going their way trying to rewrite a script different from what they had planned. Each faces pain in its own way. She’s going home to cry. He’s going to the bar to drink. She wants to be alone for a while. He will try to forget her in other bodies. It is not how it works. Trying again is no longer an exit. They no longer have the strength to promise the things they have not fulfilled the last time. This time it’s for real. It’s time to delete the photos and plans and move on. One day at a time not to go crazy. There is time that longing tightens. The lonely Sunday is almost unbearable. That song still tunes in there. That perfume still brings back the past. And the sun is rising and setting outside. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. The throat knot goes down. The tightness in the chest no longer bothers you. The magic of time is acting in silence. The wound heals. Life goes on and new doors open. And now it’s been a long time since that last goodbye. They kept their promise not to see each other anymore. In the supermarket queue he recognizes the voice and calls it by name. She turns around. She is pregnant and holding hands with her first child. He stretches out his right hand and the wedding ring shines on his finger. She is a successful woman, mother of a family and accomplished. He, in love with his bride, has a wedding soon. “Son, this is Mom’s friend.” “You look beautiful.” “It’s good to see you so well.” “Take care”. “You too”. It was sincere. She holds his hand and embraces him affectionately. He smiled. They say goodbye for the last time. There is no hurt there. It is affection, pure and without evil. And to think that they almost ruined everything by trying to be together.

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