Our secret bottle


We go away and each one is happy with their life. We go away and after a while, we pretend that we have overcome the pain, that we feel nothing and even risks to go hand in hand with a new love. We move on and keep everything inside our chests. We hide the feeling inside a bottle and pretend that the feelings are gone. And then we’ll take it when we can bear it. Until one of us can’t take it anymore. We go. With the memory of the true love that escaped through our fingers. With the thought that we will never feel anything like this again. The smell of the perfume, the touch of our lips together. We go because pride does not allow us to go back. Because we already hurt too much. We go, but happiness doesn’t. We go. We went. Longing stays. It stays in the games inside the car. It remains in the memories of that night and the late afternoon. It lies in the emptiness of the sofa and the heart. Stay here and stay there too, but we don’t have to admit it. Longing is great, pride is even greater. It’s all right. In this crooked world, almost nobody ends up getting the great love of their life even though everyone pretends to. Who are we to go against it? Things are as they are. And, from pretending that everything is fine, maybe one day we’ll believe it. It is often better to lead a life without great risk than trying to tame the tiger and we end up being happy with the cat. And now it is to live with that monotonous, tired and lazy animal because we lacked the courage to take on the challenge of dealing with something so wild. Domesticated animals do not need grids. Then that’s it. Now we’re going, pretending to be happy and trying to forget our secret little bottle. The problem is that when you are truly happy, you will no longer smile the same for anything. Sorry to have opened our memories like this without warning. It’s just that it’s harder to be a good actor on rainy nights. This time the longing won.

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