Interesting facts about me

  1. I am 5ft 10 and I am 13 stone. I train often in the gym and have excellent cardiac health.
  2. I am a bit of a technology freak, especially when it comes to Smartphones and Computers.
  3. I like playing on my PS4, Especially Call Of Duty.
  4. I love brownies. My sister bakes the best brownies ever.
  5. I have never broken a bone despite being in a horrific car crash at 70 mph.
  6. I’m immune to morphine.
  7. My favorite movie is the godfather.
  8. Favorite color is Blue.
  9. I’m a picky eater.
  10. My all-time favorite number is the number 4
  11. I like being on my own, but I don’t feel lonely, and I have good friends.
  12. I love reading books, my all-time favorite book is Secret smile.
  13. I’m the youngest child in my family.
  14. I can speak basic German and would like to continue improving
  15. I love photography
  16. I go really mood if I don’t have coffee in the morning, coffee is life.
  17. life has taught me a lot of things. Hence why I like to talk about life and feelings in general and this blog is a way for me to express how I feel inside.
  18. I keep everything to myself, I don’t talk about my problems with anyone.
  19. As a kid, I made money drawing people’s faces.
  20. My dream job is to work as a Pentester, I’m working to get my certification.
  21. I have a degree in Computer Forensics.
  22. I’m really good at sports.
  23. My biggest accomplishment was my dissertation, I did 10000 words in three days and had 64%.
  24. My biggest flaw is that I find it hard to say no to people.
  25. The most unusual item I own is a gun holster from the second world war.
  26. My favorite sport is basketball.
  27. I had a small snake as a pet when I was a teenager.
  28. My guilty pleasure is Take me out.
  29. Ford Mustang is my dream car.
  30. I still watch tom and jerry.
  31. I love watches.

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