One day most of us will go different ways from the people we love, we will miss all the conversations thrown away, the discoveries we made, the dreams we had, the many laughs and moments we shared, even the tearful moments, the anguish, the weekends, end of year, the lived companionship.

I always thought friendships would last forever. Today I’m not so sure. Soon, each one goes to a different place, we follow our life, maybe we will continue to meet who knows . We can call and talk some nonsense … Then the days will pass, months … years … until this contact becomes more and more rare.

Let’s get lost in time … One day our children will see those pictures and ask? Who are those people? We will say they were our friends. And … this is going to hurt so much! They were my friends, it was with them that I lived the best years of my life! That’s why it is so important to cultivate friendship from day to day.

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