I am like that

I am like that

I cry a lot and laugh a lot

I say little, but very much

I barely even scream

Push me to the limits

And I go crazy.

I am like that

A lot of music and a lot of dance

I’m the one who cries and never rests

I’m the one who laughs when I get tired.

I am not a dreamer but realistic

I’m not from now, I’m from memories

I am optimistic

I shut up, I don’t trust.

I don’t ask for anything

I don’t deny anything

I’m in not hurry

I walk tall

I walk slow

I speak softly

I know my place well

I don’t obey

I just give the face to introduce myself

I like to read

But not to speak

I don’t know how to rhyme

I only know how to write

I don’t ask for forgiveness

I don’t know how to forgive

I don’t give my forgiveness

I will not forgive!

I make enemies

Friends there is …

I hold my sorrows

But I will not take revenge

I die slow

But they will not bury me.

I carry hate

But I also know how to love

I do not borrow

So I don’t break it

And what I lend

You can break

I like quiet

I rarely complain

Do not apologise

I will not apologise

And don’t buy another

I will refuse

I wake up early

I don’t know how to get up late

If it’s quiet

Don’t try to cheer me up

Don’t tell jokes

I will cry

Tell me about dramas

And I’m going to laugh…

I am like that and I like to be like that.

With this quite peculiar way, full of love, defects, impossible dreams, fantasies … And I have no intention of changing. Not to please anyone.

Unless this someone is me…

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