Sometimes all I want…

Sometimes I just want a hug. Not a kiss or sex … it’s just a hug! There is desire, love, passion, attraction … everything … but at that particular time, I will give my kingdom for a hug. Let it be a long, soft, loving hug … where I can feel your heart beating close to mine and sure that you’re there by my side, to say that everything will be alright. Embrace with desire. Sometimes I will ask, but it will be even better when you realize that I need and open my arms before I ask.

You don’t have to say anything, don’t feel pressured to say something to calm me down or make me smile … just take the time to make me realize you care. If I smile inside your embrace, it’s because of the feeling of peace … if I cry, it will be like an outburst and then … just squeeze me a little bit harder. If I pull you closer, it’s to believe you’re there. As much as you find me strong and independent, never forget that behind this shield, there is someone that asks for affection.

Even though I’m the one who always listens and helps, I also need you to do it for me … remember that and hug me. Before a moment of need … there are people who want to talk for hours and hours, there are people who want to cry and complain, there are people who want to scream … I want to be hugged. If I say I love you while I’m there … that’s when I’ll be truer. If I sleep, don’t go far … even asleep, I will feel your protection. And when dawn, surely all will have passed and joy will return with the sun. So stay close, because at this moment, I will want much more … and I will be yours fully. But understand that from time to time … a hug is all I need!

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