I write because I’m tired of screaming. I write because I’m tired of being silent. I write because you read me, see me, inspire me and understand me. I write because I believe life often repeats itself and my experience can serve you either as an alert or simply to relive the past. I write because I know that we are human and that my fears and my dreams are mixed with yours. Because I believe my words have the power to carry the hug you desire or the shake you need. No, I have not lived all the stories I write, but I have already felt everything that exists in them. I write trying to read your soul, listen to your secrets, penetrate those feelings that you often do not allow to be explored. I want my texts to shed that tear that you insist on holding or releasing that smile that fate often did not let happen. I would love them to rekindle the flame of that dream that was forgotten and give you enough courage to follow the truth. I miss it because I have so much to remember. I speak of courage because life made me so. I speak of sadness because I know that it will visit me one hour or another. But above all, I speak of love, because I have loved because I love and know that I will love until my last days, for I have not yet known in this world something more important than love. Welcome to my blog. I am giving you the key to my chest. You may find within it something or other familiar items. Please do not be scared by my scars. I promise I’ll be very careful of yours.