Call me

Call me in the middle of the night and say that your bed is cold and empty without me. Call me in the middle of a nightmare and say you need my shoulder. Call me in the middle of your … Continue reading Call me

My love for travelling

Traveling … how nice it is to know new places, no matter what they are. I believe that every different ground we step on is a chance to experience something new. In addition to experimenting, learnings from it, no matter … Continue reading My love for travelling

My baby Boy

To my son, First of all, I want to tell you that I wish you all the happiness! And may this happiness extend throughout your life. May you feel it day by day, living in a balanced way, knowing that … Continue reading My baby Boy

SHANTARAM (Man of Peace)

The story of a Man searching for himself in the streets of Bombay. It is the story of a Man who, despite committing crimes, discovers in his depths the noblest and deepest feelings men can feel, learns to enjoy a … Continue reading SHANTARAM (Man of Peace)

Strange like that

She likes him. He likes her. Yet still, they can’t stay together. Hard to understand. Even harder to accept. She wants it all. He is satisfied with almost nothing. When he looks, she disguises. When she looks, he accepts. She tries to say something that convinces him but gives up. He thinks of some words that should be said but does not continue. She thinks he moved on. He wonders if she still thinks. No one dares to say. Until, one day, they say. He confesses that he still feels. She reveals that she always thinks. And then they realize … Continue reading Strange like that